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Native Gardening and Softscaping 

We create a natural garden design specific to your area using local endemic plants, and then bring it to life!
Softscaping of paths and other garden features, along with natural timber construction is available and can be incorporated into the design. After planting maintenance is organised to continue caring for your new garden. 

We work with you to create a place you'll love.

Invasive Plant Control

We remove invasive weeds or non-indigenous plants using a range of various control methods. This can include brush cutting to stop seed, chainsawing, drill & fill, cut & swab, hand-removal of plants or target specific - spot herbicide spraying at a low rate. 

Property Management

We also offer overall property management services.
Long-term weed control plans, plant surveying, fire fuel reduction and clean up. 
Small revegetation projects in patches of paddocks or private backyard bushland. 

Advice and Information

We answer any questions you may have about local native plants, offer planting advice and educational resources. 

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